Stepping on sweets

16 5.0
16 5.0
15:50 min - Mar 18 - .MOV - 1.79 GB - 1920x1080 HD
PokePride87 - Top reviewer Jun 27 2017
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Not my fetish, but Miss Kitty Moon does it so well! Beautiful woman dressed in some sexy bra and panties smashing things with her feet is pretty hott. Love the way she dances/moves around while mashing! Fun video.

So some sissy wanted to give me an early birthday gift. You know what this loser sent me? Old discounted valentines day candies and sweets. He also threw in a st patty's day cake. Nothing else. Since I don't like disgusting food like this I decided to squish it all up and make a big mess just to send to him to show him what I thought of his worthless gift. Now everyone can see the video. Warning, it got messy. Sorry for it being slightly out of scene some
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