The Deconstruction Of Maxine X- complete


Maxine X

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In this incredible scene, the award winning, incomparable lesbian Porn Star, Lily Cade, has her way with me. You see, I am her possession, her little play thing. My pussy, my mouth, my ass and my entire body belong to her. I am to submit myself to her wherever, whenever and however she wants. I must ask her permission to cum or to do anything sexual. So, when my Mistress catches me masturbating with my toy, needless to say, she is not very pleased. And, I must be punished. Mistress Lily begins my punishment by scolding me and slapping my face hard while she fingers my clit to keep me sexual tense, as well as scared. She then turns me around and begins to spank my ass. She makes me count each very hard slap and thank her for each one. If I forget the number or to thank her (which I do, of course) I must start again. This spanking turns my ass bright crimson and starts to bring tears to my DECONSTRUTION has begun. My ego is being torn down as Mistress Lily destroys my defences and uses pain and pleasure to make me her slave and teach me to OBEY! After the severe spanking, Lily puts me on my back and fingers my pussy. Then, she makes me open my mouth as she spits directly onto my tongue and down my throat. She does this several times and makes me thank her as I am made to swallow my Mistresses' spit. Suddenly, she grabs me by my hair and pulls my face up to hers as she fingers my pussy HARD. This makes me CRY and CUM at the same time as she turns me into her obedient slut. As Part 1 comes to an end, Mistress Lily decides it's time I learn how to deepthroat her cock better. She puts me on my knees and takes out her big, blue dong from under her suit pants. She rams it down my throat which makes me gag furiously. She backs off a bit and uses her hand and fingers to prepare my throat for more thrusts. Then, she proceeds to open my lips, surge past my tongue and invade my throat once again. I gag some more but slowly begin to take Lily's cock deep down my throat. My Lesbian Deconstruction is well under way as Lily has transformed me into a subspace cum slut put on this earth only to serve her needs and desires with my body and holes. My punishment for using my Mistresses' pussy without her permission gets even more severe in Part 2. Lily starts by turning me around and putting me on all fours. She explains how lordosis is the most common and primitive form of fucking as she tells me to arch my back and take her big, hard strap on. She fucks me so hard from behind that she makes me cum numerous times as she pulls my hair to further arch my back. Next, she flips me on to my back and thrusts her cock into my hot, wet pussy as she puts her hands on my throat hard. Then, she makes me ride her cock in reverse Cowgirl as she puts an arm hold on me some more from behind. Just as I'm about to pass out, Mistress throws me on my back and quickly shoves her entire FIST DEEP inside my pussy! She moves her arm deeper and deeper in my pussy as she stretches me to my limit! The pain and pleasure make me cum so hard I lose my mind in subspace alternating between screams of ecstasy and tears of pain and humiliation! Finally, she sits me up and uses my G spot toy on me to finish my punishment session. I hold my Magic Wand as Mistress Lily fucks me hard with my toy. She makes me cum and squirt buckets of pussy juice which squirts out my hole like a water hose! She tenderly kisses away my tears as she tells me my lesson is over for the day. I have learned NEVER to use my body without my Mistresses permission and that she owns me and all my holes...lest I be punished again