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Freebie Tuesday

Mommy's Bath Time

372 5.0

Nikki Sequoia

American / Las Vegas
372 5.0
5:13 min - Mar 18 - .MP4 - 579.05 MB


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colossus666 deleted Jul 7 2017
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amazing role play, definitely made me wish nikki was my stepmom to get me off..

raidsalu deleted - Top reviewer Jun 21 2017
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arrow2ken - Top reviewer Mar 18 2017
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My balls felt so clean after watching this video. Nikki plays a wonder stepmom in this hot bathroom scene.

Finally back from your first semester of college, you are back in your old house. Your stepmom has missed you and wants to catch up on old times even though your father is home. Can you keep you this taboo secret as your horny stepmom sneaks around trying to get you all alone for pure unadulterated fun?? EPISODE 1: Stepmom's Bath Time-- Your stepmom planned for her bath to end just as you would be coming in for the day. She knew you had to pass that bathroom to get to your room so she left the door open to grab your attention, but that's not the only thing she ends up grabbing! Once she teases you a bit and tells you how much she missed you it reminds you of the good times the two of you previously shared and you immediately get rock hard. Your stepmom drops to her knees to makes sure you're taken care of, because she's missed you too! She wraps her beautiful tits around your cock and strokes it, but she knows your balls are full and will cum quick for her, so she starts to suck. With a few deep gulps of your entire shaft, you blow your load right into her mouth, but it's ok because mommy swallows! Now run along, there will be many more opportunities to play before the summer is over