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Approaching Strangers 5 HD



American / New York
3:42 min - Mar 18 - .WMV - 129.32 MB


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lt;p><b>"LOL You look like you're in a lot of pain. Are you having fun?"</b> Murderotica asks me as she films me getting my head sat on and crushed by a total stranger! <b>"Are you having fun?"</b> she asks the girl who's sitting on my head and gets a laughing response, <b>"Yeah LOL!"</b>.</p> <p>Murderotica asks her if she's ever done anything like it before. <b>"No. It's a good experience, I highly recommend it."</b> Both girls laugh and giggle as my head continues to get crushed under the new girls butt as Murderotica films us. She switches positions crushing my head and throat while facing the camera. She really seemed to enjoy herself. <b>"Your face looks swollen."</b> Murderotica gleefully observes enjoying the t0rtur3 from a voyeur's point of view before the scene stops as people approach us at the park.</p> <h6>FILMED BY MURDEROTICA.</h6> <p>(clip time 3:42)</p&gt