You Have a Foot Fetish and I'll Prove It

10:53 min - Mar 21 - .MP4 - 1.86 GB


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Just when things were heating up with beautiful Amanda Bryant, it happened. Amanda caught me looking down once too often and accused me of having a foot fetish! Of course, I denied it, asserting I have nothing by an "Amanda fetish." Amanda wasn't buying it and puts me to the test. She is going to do a footjob on me and if I get off, she will prove her point. I can't refuse but if I blow my load (and I will), I will be outed. When she gets naked and oils her soft soles I know my secret will soon cum squirting out. Filmed from my point-of-view so you see it just as I did. This may be the best footjob scene we have done in a long time
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