POV Sucking my boyfriends cock w facial



Australian / Germany
8:57 min - Jun 20 - .MOV - 172.03 MB - 960x540


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So hot seeing you suck your man's big dick!

This clip offers a rare and treasured insight in to my personal sex life. Peepshow POV is the type of sex that offers a raw intimacy rarely seen in porn. Watch as Jayce Hardy brings out my submissive side, gently murmuring encouragement and stroking my hair as I writhe and struggle to fit his whole length in my throat. Real life playmates, this clip offers unparalleled access to my authentic day to day sex life. No lights, no crew, just me, Jayce and a camera phone. This spur of the moment interaction is full of affection and playful intimacy without the sentimentality of stereotypically scripted film. The look of pure joy on my face as I lick the last drops of cum from my face show the authentic pleasure that can only by found by a submissive who has just pleased their Daddy