Layover Lesbians w/ Hope & Kendra 720WMV

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quot;Layover Lesbians" the steamy sequel to "Flight Delay" is here! Hope stands from her balcony, smokes a cigarette and looks out over the city. With each drag she thinks of love lost. Her friend Kendra comes over after work and the two talk, Kendra comforts Hope...the talk ends soon as these two make their way to the kitchen. Hope undresses Kendra and the two soon move the excitement to the bedroom. The two play with toys and really get off squirting and having intense orgasms! The two can't stop so they join each other in the bathroom from some hot strap on sex! Watch Kendra fuck Hope in the shower and see they pleasure in both girls eyes! ***Don't forget to check out the first movie in the series "Flight Delay" that also stars Cherry Morgan
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