Sister Seduction: Gala Night

8 5.0

Lanie Love

American / Lanie Land
8 5.0
22:19 min - Mar 19 - .MP4 - 1.14 GB


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djbigheart Mar 22 2017
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There are a few ladies I have come across that really know how to make great pov videos, and Lanie is no doubt one. I have purchased several of her vids and have not been disappointed. This one is no different, she gives you great eye contact that is very seductive, and has a sweet voice to got with that sexy body. She takes you on a full trip that you will love. Get this video, you will love it, and want to watch it over and over again. Thank you Lanie, for being so awesome at what you do.

Lanie Love Mar 22 2017

Aw thanks so much!! :)

THIS IS A CUSTOM VIDEO, if you want your own, EMAIL ME*** Your sister has been out all night at a gala and you tried to wait up for her but fell asleep. You wake up to her stumbling in and crawling into your bed. Of course you didn't expect this but you didn't interject. She thinks you're asleep. She begins to come a little closer scooting her ass into your crotch so you're spooning. You can't help it and your erection starts to grow. She notices and says how she knows it's wrong to be there but you should go back to bed. Of course it's wrong! But there's no resting now! She looks so beautiful and she's still dressed in her gala outfit rubbing her ass on your dick. She turns around and tells you how she wanted to hook up with a guy from the gala but he turned her down. She grabs your hard cock and strokes it as she speaks. Are you supposed to stop her? It feels so good! "It's okay, I'll take care of you" she says. So you let her. She straddles you and teases your dick in your boxers before she takes them off. She begins to tease and edge a little as she gauges your reaction. She's still drunc but looks so sexy. Soon she can't wait anymore so she slides her panties to the side and takes your cock inside of her. Wow. This is really happening! Your sister is riding your dick! Little did she know it's your first you decide to tell her. "Really?! Omg... make sure you don't make any noise, mom and dad are still asleep". She rides and rides until she cums then turns around and rides more. Then you both 69 until she cums again! She climbs off and begs you to cum inside her mouth. "I want to sip up all of your cum!" And you would love for her to do so. She's stroking your cock and sucking in between as your load builds up. You can't believe this is happening but it's definitely a much better night than you could have ever imagined. You're about to cum in your sister's sexy mouth. The mouth you've watched for years and never thought you'd have a chance