Sex Therapist: Feet JOI

11:16 min - Mar 19 - .WMV - 1.12 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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You have a secret foot fetish that's been causing you problems since forever. So many of the girls you date think it's weird, and you just want to be rid of it! So you meet up with a sex therapist to find help - but you quickly get distracted at the beginning of your session by her feet, wrapped in fishnet pantyhose and dangling out of the tallest of heels. She notices you ogling them and laughs. It seems your foot fetish is here to stay, so why not enjoy a different kind of treatment? She encourages you to lose your shame around feet, slipping her shoes off for you to see her size 7.5 soles and toes wiggling around for you. The therapist invites you to take off your pants and stroke for her, giving you a gorgeous close up of her feet while she encourages you to sniff and lick her soles and you jerk yourself off. Originally a custom but no names are used