Uptight Girlfriend Loosens Up



American / Fetish Land
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God, what a day! I swear, I'm surrounded by the biggest idiots at the office. I'm constantly cleaning up after them, coming up behind and doing their work for them, telling them what they should be doing. I'm so irritated tonight. Of course, it doesn't help that I come home and you can't clean up either. This house is filthy. When you're home and I'm not, YOU clean up. Common sense, right? And this wine, I mean... what the hell? This is disgusting! What did you imagine this would taste like on clearance? Yeah, I see the red label. WHY? Geez, this is gross. It makes my stomach so warm already. Cheap and funky. Meh. You're so cheap. It's the most irritating thing... Let me get out of this bra. It's SO hot in here. You can't seem to manage an A/C change before I get home either, huh? I'm so... hot... in this... mmm... I need more wine, dear. Let's relax