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American / Fetish Land
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Hello, it was so great of you to come in. I've been reading through your paperwork, also the information my receptionist gave me previously when you called to schedule a meeting with me. Interesting, huh? I mean, I've never really met someone who had such a, uh... something like this... a fetish, is it? Interesting, indeed. You really should feel comfortable opening up about it. I did some research, and it seems like so many people are into this as a fantasy. There's still some backpeddling when it comes to following through with it. Are you like that? Do you not "follow through" with this fetish? It would be best if you show me, I think, so I can fully understand and believe you truly have this "thing" you want to deal with. Go ahead, don't be shy. Pull it out and I'll give you some encouragement by spreading my legs for you... Let me see how serious this is for you