Nyxon.. Banker Bitch Robbed and Ransomed

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He watches her every move thru his binoculars. Yep, here she comes. Everyday like clockwork with a big ol' bag of money she stores in the safe somewhere in that house. Tomorrow night is the night. Time for the big pay out. He'll break into her house and quietly wait for her to come home and then he will make her show him where that safe full of money is.... In part 1- The robber waits for her to come in and he jumps her with ropes. He ties her up nice and tight for questioning. When she wont tell him where the money is, he tape gags her, puts her in an extremely tight ball tie, and leaves her like that on the floor while he snoops around and looks for it. Unable to find it, he unties her and says theres going to be a change of plans. He's come too far now and knows he can't just let her go. He throws her a shiny red spandex catsuit and tells her to get naked and put it on. She will be coming with him to his hideout while he orchestrates a new plan to ransom her back to her company. He handcuffs her and puts her in the trunk for transport. In Part 2- Now back at his hideout, he throws her down on the bed and starts rustling thru a drawer of leather straps, chains, and locks. He pulls the hood of her spandex suit up over her face and zips it shut before adding a collar and lock to keep it in place. He cuffs her wrists and chains them to her thighs with in-escapeable padlocks and then bands her body all together with leather straps. He gags and blindfolds her over her hood and lays her flat on the bed to fasten her down tight for the night. "I hope you're nice and comfortable dear, because you're gonna be here as long as it takes for your company to pay for you." She moans and tries to struggle, but she is so completely tethered to the bed frame it is futile. She has no choice but to accept the situation and settle in for what could be a very long night