12 OverInflated Balloons Blow&Pop Feet

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maluneri - Top reviewer Jul 25
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This video is great. She's really cute, and even though I'm not usually into big beautiful women, I can tell instantly that I like some. She inflates balloons, huge, all with the biggest possible bulging necks, and all are tied off. She sits or steps on each until it pops, but slowly, all while the other balloons bounce around the place. Puts the beautiful in bbw, and I love it.

This was a custom video! I inflate by mouth 12 balloons and pop them all with my ass and my pretty arched feet. Here is the script: "1. Inflate 10 balloons (by mouth) HUGE (overinflated) almost about to the point of popping. If one pops, please kindly blow up another. 2. Blow up one by mouth with your legs crossed sitting at the edge of the bed or couch and then step to pop it with your feet arched. 3. Then blow up another one the same way, but then sit and grind it until it pops. 4. And finally, pop the remaining balloons by stepping on them with your feet arched like in the picture below. Arial, side and frontal views please ;-) I would like for the necks of the balloons to be this large as in the illustrated pictures.&quot