The Naughty Bride



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Slut Bride is getting married today! She is so excited! She does a full turn, showing off her wedding dress. She ask if you notice that she is wearing nothing underneath. It is going to be such a surprise for him (husband). She turns around and lifts up her dress. There is some bruises on her ass from her wild night at a bachelorette party. First, he is going to take her from behind. Then she is going to take him into her mouth. She shows on dildo. She wonders if in the end how she should take his cum. She twirls her pigtails and shows you open mouth and open mouth with tongue out. Then she leans back onto the bed and shows her pussy. She massages her clit while talking about how she is going to be fucked hard on her special day. In the end, she blows a kiss. Time to get married