Luna LaVey body mod sploshing



American / Arizona
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Luna LaVey is a body modification enthusiast that discovered MessyHot via a mutual friend in the fetish community. We coordinated a shoot and magic ensued! Covered in gorgeous tattoos and piercings, she embodies the unique type of lady that MessyHot likes to expose to the world of sploshing! We start with a quick introduction and get a look at her custom-made vegan gluten free Harry Potter cake. She squishes it under her butt, and quickly gets to work smearing it all over along with the frosting. Of course, if we are going to have titty sprinkles, they will need an adhesive, so she coats herself with corn syrup, and then goes to town. Coconut flakes get poured all over and we grab some cool slow motion of her tossing them about! If you're super into textures, you'll love how she mashes everything around into goop, mixing cherries and syrup into the fold. Once she's pretty covered in colors, we decide to lighten the tone a little with some white icing, which she expertly applies directly from the can. Of course, for the foot fetish fans, we do a little bit of cherry stomping and she squishes them all between her toes and steps up and down on the mushy goop. Because there's been a major upswing in the request for messy wedgies, she filled her underpants with cake muck and yanked them up tight! We worked our way into the cupcake tossing part and she bent over for me while I lobbed a few cupcakes at her cheeks. I got a few to stick perfectly and even grabbed some in slow motion for max impact effect. She had some fun making mess angels and flopping around in the muck and let us know she was a bit worried about how much she was actually enjoying it! Since she is vegan, I didn't give her the condensed milk facial, and we ended it with a pie to the face