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Seducing The Landlord

186 3.0

Jacquie Blu

American / Los Angeles
186 3.0
17:41 min - Jun 12 - .MP4 - 531.04 MB


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shingler - Top reviewer Apr 9
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This is a nice film. I liked the players and the story-line. I liked the dark quality of the scene, but was disappointed in the poor resolution, and for that reason, I consider it to be overpriced. I rated it three stars, but with a higher byte rate, it was easily a four.

Jacquie is looking for a new room. The Landlord is showing her around and brings her into the room to check out the space. Looking around, her attention is quickly drawn to to the very comfortable looking bed. She wastes no time having a seat on it and bounces up and down a few times for some basic testing. She seems very pleased and asks the landlord if she'd like to help try it out. What happens next leads to a hot and steamy scene with lots of kissing, licking, sucking and eating ass. An oral delight! Starring Jacquie Blu and Espy Tryst