Creamy Sloppy Fun part 2

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American / Florida
543 5.0
3:01 min - Jun 19 - .MP4 - 9.46 MB - 576x320
realkane Jul 25
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Best video on ManyVids hands down!!! When she looks into the camera with those beautiful eyes and she has that little pouty thing with her sexy lil lips my Cock was Rock Hard straining in my jeans like he wanted to bust through the damn material (low key; I think straining she made my cock even grew some more, laughing). One hundred though, Her body is simply Amazing, like a For Real Wonderland--Candyland... beautiful caramel complexion, curvy, all natural perfect everything, she Blessed Everywhere and that ASS though! So damn sexy it don't make no sense; All That Booty and its so DAMN Perfect! I thought I was starting to hallucinate about a minute 30 seconds in... plus she know how to wind and move that body like a hypnotist! That tight little Blasian pussy got HELLA CREAMY and i was drooling, like okay if I think with my dick then she could definitely brainwash me...

This is part two of my creamy adventure! Mmmmmmm It felt so good I couldn't hold my moans in
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