Cucked Hubby's BBC Date

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You've been doing SO well at being a little cuck for me and my boyfriend! I've really grown used to you being his personal fluffer, and it kinda turns me on knowing you're sitting outside the bedroom door, jerking off furiously every time we fuck. But it's time we stopped being so selfish and keeping you to ourselves...your talents are wasted! So, with that in mind, I've arranged a little job for you to do this Saturday. I've invited 3 hot black guys around, with huge cocks, and they want to take your anal virginity! You're going to fuck and suck all 3 of them, before they cum into your tight little asshole, and all for my viewing pleasure. I'll be watching the whole thing, Prosecco in one hand, using my other hand to play with myself. It really turns me on imagining you being used like that. So, if you perform well, as always, you'll get a reward. This time it'll be my soaking panties. Sounds good, right? NOTE: This video is a carry on from AND You don't HAVE to have seen those clips but you'll definitely enjoy them