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Melons of doom

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52 5.0
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princessberpl Mar 21 2017
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I've never been so ready to die in my entire life. With Goddess Tay's "Melons of Doom" I am ready to give anything, even this ridiculous review to have Her end it all. You can only hope to be so lucky for those glorious Melons to be the last thing you see before it's over. And if She likes the way you suffered, She might even make a necklace out of the parts her pet pigs won't devour. After this video, I will never look at a Melon in the grocery store the same ever again.

You love my tits. They can be called so many things. Breasts, boobs, tits, melons...Or melons of doom if you use the term I coined. Have you figured it out yet? Perfect way to go