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This is an absolutely incredible clip with the adorable eighteen years Alice March! See how my camera guy and I approach her frolicking in the sunny South Florida surf and sand! I walk up to her as she is in the water, in fact. This is definitely something different than the norm and only in Florida can you pull this off. I almost didn't as the lifeguard nearly kicked us off the beach just as I was done licking her bare feet in public, and in front of everyone. It was quite a moment! This is her FULL SCENE, where you get the pick up scene on the beach and outdoor foot worship and the awesome footjob finish where she causes a HUGE cum load all over her pretty feet! I also discounted this clip, as well. Now for something completely different!! This is something I have always wanted to do and that is shoot a BEACH SCENE!! This is something you can not shoot in the Northeast, at least not the South Jersey beaches, where I am from and love dearly, but this is TOP NOTCH! I am strolling along the beaches of Ft. Lauderdale last week, not far from my hotel room. I am looking for girls literally in the water. It's so cool to see the surf and hear the tranquil sound of the waves crashing on the beach. My camera guy and I are surveying the scene, to see who's around and who may or may not want to see cameras approaching them, lol. BINGO! I see a hot young girl frolicking in the surf and I go up to her and introduce myself. I tell her who I am and where I'm from and what I do. At first, she just kinda giggled when I mentioned FOOT FETISH. I wanted to make sure she was of legal age and luckily she was 18 years old and from California, just visiting for the Holidays. I persuaded her to sit on the wet sand and show off her feet for you guys. She has beautiful and soft size 6 feet and she's a petite girl with a really cute voice. I do this scene in two parts, one to show off her sandy wet feet and next, she wipes off her feet with a towel and reveals clean but wet feet. They are so soft, you just want to lick them clean, right? This is such a cool clip, with the beach and waves crashing, it's the perfect remedy for the upcoming cold winter in most places. I have ALWAYS wanted to do a shoot like this! Worship a hot girl's feet right on the beach! This is so cool. In this clip, I worship 18 year old Alice's feet right on the beach in the surf and waves. A crowd starts to form and luckily I got it in before the lifeguard came up to my crew and I and said...." You might want to pick another spot next time ". LOL! What is this Bay Watch or something?? It was such a HUGE RUSH to be able to pull this off in the middle of the day with people around! She's JUST 18 YEARS OLD! I meet her on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale and convinced her to shoot a couple beach scenes. Stills, video clips, etc, etc. That's before the lifeguard came over and might want to find a better spot next time, lol. With that said, I got what I need to get footage-wise and I asked if she would consider going back to my hotel room right down the street to shoot some more. It's Christmastime and she probably needs some money and said YES. No hesitation, so that was cool. When we get back, I asked her if she knew what a FOOTJOB was. She had no clue. Once I explained what had to be done, she thought I seemed normal enough and agreed to do it. She never ever did a FOOTJOB before much let alone, on camera for the whole internet to see, but she was cool with it.....and might I add.......good at it! I thought I'd cum in seconds once those soft size 6 virgin feet were around my cock, but I pulled it together rather quickly. I wanted to savor this, lol. This has been some shoot trip so far! Every girl has been young and HOT! Didn't need any gel oil on this girl's feet, she was THAT GOOD! After some up and down hard cock stroking with her 18 year old feet, I unloaded all over her soles and the tops of her feet. The tops and bottoms BOTH got it, lol. She THEN HOLDS UP HER SOLES TO THE CAMERA TO REVEAL CUM COVERED FEET