Red Hot Anal Pounding

16,119 4.7

Lianna Lawson

American / Colorado
16,119 4.7
30:15 min - Mar 21 - .MP4 - 1.33 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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baconranchpizza Apr 17 2017

Was wondering what the red hot referred to and the pounding is definitely hot and with a red toy. Perfect title...just perfect. Keep 'em coming Lianna, can't wait to see more from you!

thatwasadequate Mar 22 2017

A wonderful video of a wonderful person, until the end where it becomes excellent. The expressions seem so genuine. The finish makes her look SO damn inviting and enticing.

Lianna Lawson Mar 22 2017

Thank you <3

Photonic Mar 22 2017

This is one of the great ones, red hot is just too apt cause she is on fire. Seriously, best purchase in a while. BUY DIS

Lianna Lawson Mar 22 2017

Thank ya~

Photonic Apr 17 2017
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I absolutely love this video, Lianna shows us what she can do and then some. The video starts off with Lianna looking gorgeous in a little red bikini and she wastes no time at all putting that huge dildo to good use. Lathering it up in cumlube Lianna quickly begins to fuck herself silly giving us a ton of awesome HD closeups of that perfect ass as she takes no prisoners. All of this is set to a backdrop of breathy moans as gasps where I swear you can hear just how much she wants it. Couple that Lianna's beautiful face reflecting every bit of what she's doing to herself and well lemme tell you you've got something pretty special. Just gets better from there too as she switches positions a few more times and pounds herself mercilessly until she ends with a series of amazing gapes and a intense cumshot. Definitely 5/5 stars.

Lianna Lawson Apr 18 2017

Hey thanks, I really appreciate the awesome review. And I shall continue to "take no prisoners" ;)

shingler - Top reviewer Apr 16 2017
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In full disclosure, I love Lianna Lawson to her core. I'm not a toy fan but I bought this scene anyway because Lianna was in it. So right off the bat, I had to deduct a star for the toy. The upside is that the film is full length, it is very high definition, Lianna is seriously working that toy (no coasting for the star) and, of course Lianna is in the film. Lianna is working that lovely, expressive, vulnerable face in ways that I find so compelling with her. I look forward to more scenes on Many Vids from this pretty woman. Natalie's strong suit is love scenes with other transgender girls. Something with a cute unknown trap would be nice to see. Four stars. Lose the toy and this is a five.

Lianna Lawson Apr 18 2017

Thanks for the love-- sorry you're not a fan of the toy. As for the want to see a hardcore, I am working on it. Please be patient and keep an eye out for future videos.

Some like it hot others like it red hot-- well this is a whole lotta red. Lots of hard fucking with a 10" red vibrator in multiple positions and angles meant to get /you/ off. Enjoy the vigorous butt pounding from start to finish for roughly 30min, so there's something in there bound to get you off
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