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American / Georgia
410 5.0
3:34 min - Mar 21 - .MP4 - 413.16 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Erection Your Honor
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Mrwiggles36 Mar 21 2017

Pretty fucking good for prac

How would you know if you haven't purchased? ;)

lVlarr Jun 1 2017
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She sure knows how to twerk. Amazing video.

Thank you!

JAHMON - Top reviewer Apr 9 2017
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"Not bad"???!......It was DAMN GOOD!!!! Nothing like a sexxxy ass twerkin "on beat"! Which is a skill that not all women can do. Tayler does an amazing job for her first time. Of course you know only practice makes PERFECT. I hope to see more of these from the multitalented "All natural Goddess" in the future.

You're too much! So glad you enjoyed! Thank you!

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Gotta luv watching sexy Tayler wiggle and shake her BEAUTIFUL ass for the camera!

This is a quick clip I filmed after a shower. I have actually never twerked in any of my video content, and was actually just messing around. After watching, I decided to upload! Not bad for my first filmed twerk, even if I am just playing and practicing