Under My Bed


Lindsey Leigh

American / Colorado
12:18 min - Mar 22 - .MP4 - 182.66 MB


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Did you have a restful night? Were you worried that my boyfriend and I were gonna break the bed and smash you? Hahaha. Did you suck all the cum out of the panties I gave you to cuddle with? It must have been hard to suck on my cum all night under my bed while you listened to me moan louder and louder. You see.. this is your life now. Your cock was never meant to please a woman. Your wallet only a toy for us to play with. Your servitude, pathetic but necessary. Tonight Ill be putting you to the same test. Were going out to dinner where you'll meet us to pay the bill. Then well come home, foreplay and stash you away where you belong.. under our bed stroking