Fart Fetish Compilation #3 Halloween

3:52 min - Mar 22 - .MP4 - 162.63 MB

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This 3rd fart fetish compilation video is sure to be a best seller & favorite for my ass worshiping fart fetish boys. Had an attack of gas ass & had to capture it all on video for my loyal ass/fart minions. I fart on my cellphone & even on a skeleton. Funny, sexy, hot & amazing all at once. DOWNLOAD IT NOW! Includes: ass spreading, asshole fetish, asshole closeups, asshole puckering, ass smacking, spanking, thunder booty clapping, farting in yoga pants, sitting down while farting, pov farts, butt cheek clenching, waving & fanning farts, stinky farting, fuming farts, fat farts, little farts, funny farts, weird sounding farts, farting on my cellphone, laughing, giggling, moaning, eye glasses, teasing, big but, cellulite, bubble ass, big legs, bending over & farting, ass clapping farts, farting on a plastic skeleton