Sister Changes You Says She is Mummy

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Your sister sits you down to talk to you. She lets you know right away that she is tired of your behavior. So, she tells you that if you wish to act like a sissybaby then she is going to treat you like one. Though you might be an adult, she is going to do this age regression on you whether you like it or not. That means she is going to put you in a nappy diaper and powder your bum as well. Both items are right next to her so you can see what you are in for. When you start to protest, she tells you that she will pull your pants down and spank your bottom if you continue. She lets you know that company is on their way and that soon your friends and family will all be there. But, she doesn't care. She is going to put you in a that nappy diaper and spank your bottom if you continue to misbehave. She then tells you that she wants you to call her mummy. Since she will now be your mum, she wants you to listen to her. Any misbehaving means a spanking and she does not care if it is in front for your friends or family. If you fail to listen, she will pull your pants down, then your nappy diaper and spank your bottom until it is red. She also lets you know that if you mess in your nappy diaper, you are in for a spanking as well, maybe even over her knee. She then has you lie back and put your legs up so she can put the nappy diaper on you. She of course powders your bottoms like she promised and once you are in the nappy diaper she reminds you to call her mummy, calling you a good boy for listening after your struggle a bit. She is now in charge and will take you shopping and have you hold her hand. You squirm and protest some more, but she tells you she will spank your bum in front of anyone. Even if it is your girlfriend. So, get used to being in that nappy diaper, because she is not going to let you be without one. If you take that one off, she will simply put another one on you. She finally tells you that the company you are expecting is due to arrive any moment. So, she wants you to go wash up, but not to mess with the nappy diaper. If you do, she just might put you in a pink nappy diaper, of course after she spanks your bum. Everyone will see how red your bum is so unless you want to be embarrassed, you had better listen to your new mummy. Included in this clip: Age Regression, Taboo, Diaper, Nappy, Call Me Mummy, Sissybaby, Spanking Threat, Powder Your Bum, POV, Sister Brother Fantasy