Baked Beans Underwear Filling


Bad Dolly

British / England
7:12 min - Mar 23 - .MP4 - 319.85 MB


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I have a sexy new lace underwear set but it needs jazzing up a bit! What better way to brighten it up than by filling my little lace panties with two tins of beans, rubbing all the beans in and squeezing the mess in my knickers till orange juice runs out covering more my legs.With beans dropping out of my pants and running down my legs I start to fill my bra, a full tin of cold baked beans in each boob I think! I rub it all in running my hands over the mess and squeezing the cups full of sexy messy tits! The bean juice is running over my whole body and my once white underwear set is now bright orange and a bit sloppy mess! My toes are full of crushed beans and I am just covered in tomato mess