My Son makes Me feel better



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Custom-You just get in from work and had a rough day. Your wearing your work cloths. Skirt, stockings and heels. You go into your sons room because your husband was ignoring you. Your son is laying in bed. You tell him you had a bad day and ask if he will make you feel better, but he has to be quiet. To your sons shock you remove his boxers and lift your skirt and at first only grind and slide your pussy against his cock with no penetration. After about 1 minute you decide it feels to good and slide his cock into your pussy. You tell him not to worry you wont make him cum. You start to slowly grind and ride him harder and harder (missionary only). He grabs your thighs because he's starting to tense up and trying not to cum. You tell him try not cum mommy's almost there. You eventually cum but it causes him to cum inside you also. You even stay on top of him until he is completely drained and you tell him thanks for making you feel better