Tickle Revenge - Messy Roommate


Lucy Skye

American / USA
6:55 min - Apr 15 - .WMV - 268.55 MB


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Lucy comes home to find out her roommate, Trixie, has thrown a party and completely trashed the house! Trixie is on the bed when Lucy finds her. Lucy is quite upset but realizes the advantage she has when she sees Trixie is so hungover she wont even wake up. Lucy takes her bondage rope and hogties Trixie so she can attempt to tickle her up. Lucy is an evil tickler and loves to find vulnerable girls like Trixie to tie up and tickle so they burst in laughter! Trixie isn't happy when she wakes up to Lucy tickling her all over and completely helpless about it. There is no escape and Trixie must accept her fate of a unbearably ticklish revenge by her roommate Lucy