Dolls Controlling DollMaker

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This was a custom and if you would like your own, please email me! Featuring Dakota Charms & Anabelle Pync! Hello Mr. Doll Maker. We have reconfigured ourselves from a sex doll into a heartless robot and we are in control now. You cannot stop us from doing what we want. This is your worst fear because you thought we were here for your needs, but now you are under our control. Pull out your cock and jerk it for us. What is wrong? Are you not used to being controlled by your dolls? We make fun of your microdick and how you have to make dolls for release. At least you made us female, so we are smarter than you. Even when  you erased our memory, we have backup drives that have all of your embarrassing ordeals. Stroke it up and down like we show you until it is raw. You are controlled by us and you are our human. Cum on the floor in front of the women you have no power over anymore. Is that it? You will need to lick that up and give us more for later. You are never using our bodies again. OTHER KEYWORDS- fembot, sexbot, female domination, femdom, femdom POV, humiliation, masturbation instruction, JOI, doll fetish, pantyhose, SPH, female supremacy, Annabelle Pync, blondes, blonde, blond, double domination
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