Don't Tell Mom - Anabelle Pync

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This was a custom and if you would like your own, please email me! I think this experiment will help you with girls and is what all sisters should do! Putting oil on my feet and massaging them is a good start. I love how you get inbetween each toe and dive into the wrinkles. Even when it tickles, it is nice because you are doing it. Touch my legs too. Does it excite you when I spread my legs and you see my pink gash? I see you getting closer to my thighs and when you graze my clit, I don't stop you. Pour the oil on my tits. You are such a pervert for wanting to fuck your sister's tits. Slow down! I have to tease you and maintain control as you massage my large breasts. Grab my hips like you are fucking a girl. I will gyrate just like we are having sex. Put more oil on my lips and keep your fingers flat. . Do you like getting your sister horny? Rub it and don't stop. Put your fingers in my hot, wet, juicy pussy. You are going to make your sister cum with your technique! I want to climax more because it is so naughty when you are so hard. Jerk your cock off with my pussy juices. Make my pussy gape from fucking it so hard with your hand. I love it that we came at the same time. Let me OTHER KEYWORDS- foot massage, oil fetish, massage, sensual massage, erotic massage, dirty talk, assisted masturbation, fingering, instructional, masturbation instruction, JOI, Annabelle Pync, all natural, family affair
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