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Buddy's Wife Pays Off Her Debt Part 1

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My best friends wife Kendra had a serious spending problem, like it was so bad it might lead to divorce. she was afraid shed loose the man of her dreams so she came to me and asked for help. she had cut up her credit cards but she couldn't tell her husband how much she owed so she asked me for a loan. i said i would help and we agreed on a loan to her to cover the debts and a repayment plan for me. that was a few weeks ago and she had missed all the payments to me so i stopped by her house when i knew my friend would be at work. we made some small talk and i could tell she was nervous so when i mentioned my money she panicked and said she didn't have my money. i told her she needed to figure something out or i was calling her husband. she asked what she could do and without missing a beat i said jerk me off. she of course was angry and freaked and said it would never happen to which i said fine ill call your husband! we went back and fourth for a while until final my friends hot wife was stroking my cock, i cant wait for her next payment. This is part 1 of My Buddy’s Wife Pays Off Her Debt, this series stars Kendra Heart. This is a POV Milf Cheating Wife Debt Blackmail CFNM Handjob scene.

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