Something warm when I get home

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Luna Aquelarre

Spanish / Erotic dreams
87 4.5
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Imagine normal a winter day, rainy and cold. I was shopping when I saw some little cucumbers. They had an interesting size... average spanish cock size! (Now wonder why we often call the penis "the cucumber";) I chose one... They were all very rough and bough some other salad products :) On the way home I was thinking all the time in play with it. I had to hide from a hail storm in a cafe... Did this stop my horniness? Of course not, It just mean more time to get wet and think how to make worm my new green toy. When I arrived home I was so excited than instead of tidy up the shopping I set up the phone on the top of two chairs and started to play and experiment. No comb my hair, no sexy clothes, ...sometimes you just have to let it go. ;) Next day my pussy need a rest. hahahaha I do not stuff myself as often as you may think :P