Goddess Ashes for Dinner

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The ashes of My cigarette are your dinner. I bring you closer and closer to giving yourself completely to Me. I teach you all the ways to please Me while you stare into My eyes and say those four words over and over... "I am a loser." I blow smoke into your mouth and tease you with My mesmerizing words and mouth. Do you enjoy the taste of My ashes? I ash into your mouth and put My hands over it, making you hold in my sweet smoke. I allow you to serve Me as my human ashtray on your knees, worshiping My perfect pussy and obediently sticking out your tongue to lick up My ashes while I stand above you. I have so much control over you. Stick out your tongue and say your loser mantra while I shove My ass in your face and tease you! My pleasure is your pain, so stay on your knees and lick and eat up My ashes until it's time for you to cum while I extinguish My cigarette on your tongue! I love knowing how much you get off on making Me happy
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