hairy brunette masturbates outdoors

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Australian / Germany
533 5.0
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It's hard to describe the extraordinary beauty of Dion De Rossi. Sometimes words aren't enough. This video comes close to encapsulating just what it is about her that takes the breath away: that astonishing face, her pale skin smattered with a constellation of freckles, the dusting of hair on her arms, her incredible pussy and finally that indescribable something that separates her from the rest: just the way she moves.

Those of you who follow my blog and social media are aware of my intense love of nature. Feeling the breeze caressing my pale silky skin, soft drops of rain falling on my face, and the shade of lush, green leaves protecting my naked body from the sunlight, I feel finally free. Play voyeur and watch my pleasure myself in the Australian bush, just me and my hand