Showing Hairy Hole An Giving You Facial

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hotonesf Mar 23
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Of course you know that I loved it! :-) Very well done, love the dirty talk - so fucking hot. Frankly you could play with, explore, and talk about your hole/ass all day and I'd be very happy. lol If you ever want more ideas for videos - here are a few: more angles of your ass, straddling chair to show it off, hole exploration, oiling up your ass and hole, squatting down with cam underneath or laying back in bed with legs up to give a great view of it as you play with it. Or maybe some outdoor stuff - find a totally private wooded area somewhere and walk around naked wearing just boots and with a hardon. And here is one I thought of the other day - that would probably be over the limits with you - but would also be kind of cool....fucking yourself with your own cock dildo! And since it's your own cock, it wouldn't be gay. haha :-) Thanks once again for all the hotness - seriously! You're awesome. hugs

Half of this video will be different closeups of me Spreading my cheeks an showing off my hole. If youre an ass person, id highly recommend this video. Especially since ive never done anything like this before. Most the time talking dirty to you an telling you to bury your face in my ass an lick it. An to suck my cock. I even make you open your mouth at the end an take my huge multi squirt load in your mouth. **Video is Slightly blurry, I used my front facing camera on my iPhone 7. Quality isn't bad, just isn't Super HD