Fat Boyfriend Stealer BBW Goddess

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I mesmerize you by using a swinging pendant and I put you under your spell, You must follow all of my instructions. I know you’re dating my skinny roommate but she’s a bitch and she doesn’t deserve to be happy. When I’m done you’ll think your pretty little girlfriend is the ugliest woman you’ve ever seen. You’ll find yourself attracted to my big beautiful body and fall in love with me. You’ll love everything about me, even the things you couldn’t stand before. I start with a close up of my feet: Why would you want those small feet when you can have these big size tens. They’re so perfect you want to worship my pudgy feet after a long sweaty day. Focus on my big legs and cellulite thighs. Forget everything you’ve ever known about beauty, it was all wrong. From now on you think these are the kind of legs a real woman should have. I pull down the leggings to show my ass: I know you’ve always been a leg man but it’s time to focus those feelings on something else. Your favorite part of a woman’s body will now be her ass. Not just any ass, you love big juicy asses, just like this one. Get real close and take a big whiff, you love the smell of my sweaty ass. You want to stick your head in as far as you can and take deep breaths. You want to rub your face all over my sweaty butt crack and wear that smell like a perfume when you go out. We move on to my pussy: Take a good look at my big floppy pussy, it makes you hard. Forget that cute little pussy you were used to, this is the one you’ll be pleasing now. You’ll be spending a lot of time down there so get used to my strong womanly scent. We move to my belly as I pull my shirt up: You love my big apron belly, so soft and jiggly. You feel embarrassed to be seen with your skinny girlfriend. You never want me to stop eating and you’re proud to be seen with a babe like me I stuff my face with potato chips and let out some loud burp & a fart. Whenever I fart in public you’ll say it was you and you’ll excuse yourself. You made that skinny bitch quit smoking but you will enjoy watching me wrap my lips around a cigarette and puff away like a chimney. Now call your girlfriend and break up with her. Tell her you found your true love and it’s Mina. Includes: role play, home wrecker, feet, foot fetish, flip flops, toes, big legs, leggings, pov, fat pussy, belly, bbw, smoking talk, eating, face stuffing, fat pussy sprea