Butt Stuff

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American / Las Vegas
4,331 4.6
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Omg your best vids are the ass spreading ones LOVE

You definitely need more anal videos, that ass is magnificent.

😲 🔥🔥🔥🔥

monkeytatz69 - Top reviewer Mar 24
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Hey Mami, I'm glad to see you exploring your anal side more! Of course, I always wanted to see more of your ass & tight little asshole too. Mostly me fucking it & giving you a huge anal creampie since we both know how much you love creampies!! It was amazing seeing you in anal bliss & hopefully soon it will be me giving you that sensation again in your pussy & asshole Mami <3

You know how much I love cream pies! maybe one day Papi

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DAT ASSS!! *o*

Anything involving your booty, is a must for me ;)

iamswae Mar 28
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Best ass play yet... Should incorporate the style of "1st anal plug" into this one.

I'll give you a standing erection

RawHideRide - Top reviewer Oct 17
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yess!! more closeup spreading pleeeeaaassseee!!

KingMCK Jul 4
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If you like stuff that goes in butts this should be your first stop

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I love this video! Makes me wish I could jump through the screen and be the one penetrating that tight ass ! Please make more like this Vee!

TheAssassin deleted May 22
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Just a beautiful view of her soft sweet ass! :--)

JaeDawg - Top reviewer Apr 1
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If you want to see Vickie fuck her tight pretty asshole then click that "add to cart" button and checkout! Its a must see.

Seamless Mar 27
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This looks like a great vid but for an iPhone it doesn't work

Sorry Seamless but a review shouldn't be based on it playing on your iPhone

Butt Stuff- The most full on ass play video that I have to date! I also bring out my purple wand to push me over the edge. But lots of anal if you've been wanting to see more of my asshole!.. get it
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American / Las Vegas