I'll Do Anything to Make Daddy Happy


Tammie Madison

American / UK
9:58 min - Mar 27 - .MP4 - 444.18 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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I know you've been a bit lonely since Mom left and I wanted to do something about it. So, I had a look on your computer to try and get ideas, but, Daddy, I was a little surprised by what I found. I saw that you watch a lot of Daddy and daughter porn. Is that what you like Daddy? Because, if that's what will make you happy, I'll do it for you Daddy. Would you like for your girl to please you in that way? You see, I think I'm ready to lose my virginity Daddy and I thought it might make you extra happy to be the one I give my flower to. I'm a little worried that it might hurt a bit or that I won't know what to do or when it's finished. But, I know you'll be gentle and show me the way. You always know how to make me feel good Daddy. Now I want to return the favor and make you feel good too. That's all I really want Daddy, to make you happy. I'll do anything to make you happy, Daddy
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