Trust Your Mother

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1,455 5.0
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kinkcap - Top reviewer Apr 2
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no one dose mommy like Mrs Mischief

arrow2ken - Top reviewer Apr 18
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Trust mother with this hot video. Good one.

Hi baby…how was your night? Wait…what’s the matter? Why are you crying, son? Come sit down and tell Mom everything..<br><br>Hmm, just as I suspected…I knew that little slut was no good. Broke up with you, did she? Oh sweetheart, I know how awful it can feel, and you seem so very upset. Why don’t you let me give you one of Mom’s special things that I take when I’m feeling upset and nervous and need to calm down. <i>Here…swallow this….trust your mother.</i><br><br>It’s probably a little strong for you, but they make mom woozy too…lie down son, and I’ll rub your chest until you stop crying, like I did when you were little..<br><br>Starting to feel a little more relaxed now, baby..? Mmmm…you look relaxed…most of you, anyway. What a nice big cock my son grew up to have…don’t resist me, son…trust your mother. Just let the nice thing Mom gave you take effect….lie there and enjoy how good it feels when Mom kisses your chest…down, down, down your woozy body to your cock. It’s hard, son…your cock is hard in spite of what you took, and this stuff makes me horny, doesn’t it you?<br><br>Let Mom help you get over that awful girl, son…let me and my little woozy-making helper take away all your cares. Mm-hmm, just like this, baby…Mom’s just going to slide my soaking wet, dripping pussy right down onto your cock while you lie there, practically helpless to resist, and ride you baby.<br><br>Did you hear me, son? Are you able to pay attention to what Mom’s saying right now? I’m going to fuck you until I cum on your cock, and then I’m going to <i>keep fucking you</i> until you shoot your big load of cum right up into your mother’s pussyhole. Do you like mom’s medicine now, baby? Yes….of course you do. Now, trust your mother, baby….give Mommy all your cum…<i>good boy</i>. Now, go to dreamland sweetheart…you probably won’t even remember this, tomorrow