Skye. Oral and facial

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Skye is a party girl. She attends adult parties at clubs and private houses and sucks and fucks as many guys as possible. That’s where I met her, at a club one evening. I got to fuck her twice, which was brilliant; she is so good and responsive. I asked if she would be up for a video with me. She said yes. I decided to do something different for the site and asked Skye if she would give me a blowjob and I would cum on her face. She agreed. She stripped off and so did I. She sucked and licked my cock and balls, fuck, it was brilliant. She used her tongue and mouth to devastating effect. Tom, the cameraman, decided he wanted a piece of the action. He stripped off and joined in. At one point Skye was sucking us both off at once. I shot my load into her mouth and onto her face, closely followed by Tom doing the same