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I love being in control. Having you tied up and being able to keep you quiet with my hands while I take care of business. ---------- Shhh, Be quiet, Sydney says as she comes over and puts her hand back over your mouth. Don't you think it would be a lot easier if you gave in and stopped fighting her? Don't you understand that you're her captive? Her slave? You have no other choice but to give into her. So keep your mouth shut and do as Sydney says. You really think you can escape her? It's obvious that Sydney doesn't want you to talk. And to make matters worse, Sydney then starts making some phone calls using your phone. First, your girlfriend. She doesn't really understand what's going on and after the conversation with Sydney she probably has a ton more questions about what's going on. After that, Sydney calls your boss. Telling him that you won't be coming into work for a while. And that she'll be making all your dreams come true. Lastly she calls her friend to come check out the predicament you're in