Fetish Friday

Skype Prego Reveal

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Dakota Charms, Alora Jaymes and Anabelle Pync reveal to a guy that he is going to be the father of all their children during a skype session. They are between 7 and 8 months and while Anabelle and Dakota are happy, Alora is upset that he cheated on her when she was out of town. At least she likes the girls and enjoys being around them. They explain how they are having food cravings, and are excited about the kicks in their growing tummies. The best part is that Anabelle is hornier, although it ceased for Dakota. As they talk about it, they rub their bloated bellies. The papa to be cannot believe that he is the sperm donor, but they are insistent. Wouldn't it be cool if they just had a baby right then and there? With a flourish, Anabelle pulls a pillow out and jokes that they had him. One of the other two is definitely pregnant and he has to guess which one! OTHER KEYWORDS- pregnant fetish, pregnancy fetish, practical joke, pranks, Annabelle Pync, Alora James, brunette, blonde, blond, blondes, brunettes, humour, impregnation fetish