ABDL Wetting in minivan nappied



Canadian / Las Vegas
7:15 min - Mar 25 - .WMV - 228.79 MB


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ABDL ROLEPLAYING FOR BOTH AB's & DL's, FANTASY PANTS WETTING & DIAPERED BY CHEYENNE JEWEL IN THE MINIVAN, You're in the car with Cheyenne Jewel & you're really desperate to pee. You're begging her to stop the car & find a bathroom but there's no where she can really stop, plus she has a ton of errands & appointments to get to. She's really annoyed that she reminded you to use the bathroom before you left but you forgot AGAIN... you always have to pee but don't realize it until the last minute & then you're holding yourself in the car, She keeps encouraging you to hold it & holding it. SHe looks over & you're already wetting your pants in the car!! Crap!! Now she has to pull over on the side of the road to change you & diaper you so this doesn't happen. SHe gets in the back of the minivan & starts taking off your pissy wet pants & has to use a zillion wipes to wipes around your pissy wet penis & bum, all the while casually admonishing you for always wetting yourself and now she has to diaper you again. She powders and diapers you, putting on plastic pants over your pampers & telling you that you'll have to wear just the nappies & plastic pink pants over it ALL DAY WHILE SHE RUNS ERRANDS because your pants got pee on them. How embaressing to be diapered by mom in the back of the minivan & have to wear them the whole day. This video is more for DIAPER LOVERS DL but anyone can enjoy this embaressement & bladder holding with Cheyenne
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