Bratty Lucy's T-girl Doll Miran: Part 1


Mistress Lucy Khan

American / Los Angeles
18:13 min - Mar 25 - .M4V - 668.70 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Bratty, bossy, Asian girl next door Lucy is indulging in stuffing her cute little face with all the candy she can handle. As she's stuffing her wet little mouth with marshmallows, lollypops, and gumdrops, chomping them between her teeth, she gets a delivery at her door. Upon receiving her package, she's delighted to find that her living doll Miran has FINALLY arrived...but what's this? She doesn't remember ordering the T-girl version! Mad and manipulative, bitchy little Lucy doesn't hesitate to take the opportunity to cajole her newest toy to perform all sorts naughty acts with her in her room. Stripping her new living doll down to her birthday suit, watch Lucy explore Miran's EXTRA FUN parts, stuff her pretty doll's face full of colorful candy, spank her T-girl toy and more in this 1st of a three-part FemDom age-play saga