BBWBoy Shorts & Nylon Panty Hand Wedgies

6:51 min - Mar 25 - .MP4 - 104.32 MB


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Wear full white panties, black booty shorts. standing with camera at booty level. Slide your hand deep into your crack making your shorts ride up exposing your panties. The more panties exposed the better. With your hand deep into your crack and panties showing, do lots of booty flexing. Try flexing one cheek at a time. For the last minute pull the shorts all the way up like a thong with almost all the panties exposed and keep flexing with your hand sliding in your crack. Includes: nylon panty fetish, underwear, boy shorts, closeups, latex fetish, gloves, latex gloves, deep ass crack, wedgies, hand wedgies, ass spreading, ass smacking, ass grinding, booty cheek flexing, muscle control, pov, eye glasses,ass clapping, jiggling, wobbling, bending over, bbw, big butt, whooty, pawg, ssbbw, dirty talk, big legs, fat, cellulite, fat, wide hips, solo female, white booty, pear shape, bottom heavy, curves, curvy, & so much more