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Starring: Anastasia Pierce as the Mistress, Angelina Valentine as the Mermaid Synopsis: Mermaid Angelina is lusting over her Mistress legs and pussy wishing she would become a woman to feel the same pleasures she is giving her mistress with her tongue when she licks her toes and pussy. Angelina is getting so horny watching her Mistress moans. And she will find a way to join her mistress out of the water. But the Mistress isn’t pleased by the transformation and will play a little trick on her slave by tying her in a swing with her legs spread and a vibrator dangling close to her clit. The damsel will be squirming in her ropes and gag trying to get off with the ever moving vibrator, the battle of the orgasms frustrating and so pleasurable at the same time. Later, Anastasia the Mistress will join her slave for a well deserved strap-on training, toe sucking, sensual domination and hard fucking. All shot outdoors with a busty tan and wet Mermaid and a seductive and kinky mistress. Both in beautiful latex
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