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German / Florida
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You don't go out on a Saturday night. You are not a real man. You are mommy's little dicked sissy. So here is how the night is going to play out. My hung alpha boyfriend is coming over tonight. You will chauffeur us from our expensive dinner , which my sissy boy will pay for, and then drive us to a hot club where mommy is going to wear this leather bra and satin panties under a hot club dress. Then you will drive us home, prepare my bedroom and go into your closet to assume your position!! You are just mommy's cuckold...a lonely cuckold that wants to be involved....somehow! You will prepare his thick black cock with your mouth and get it nice and hard to give mommy the proper fucking! Then put your ear up to the door and hear my moans! Little dicked sissy's don't get to have sex! You are just here to serve mommy....fluff my date and clean me out!!!!! ENJOY