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German / Florida
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Custom Vid- No Name used- You work long days and shifts at work and are very stressed. Mommy is the only one that knows how to make you feel better. It has been just you and me together now and we know each other so well that only mommy knows how to make you feel good. We have a strong bond. I greet you very excited one day that you had a very stressful day. Mommy still had her business suit on with her huge tits spilling out. She noticed you looked tired and needed some mommy loving. Mommy tells you to come inside and sit down and open your pants. Your young cock gets hard immediately with the anticipation of what is next. Mommy unbuttoned her blouse and exposed her nipples over her bra. Mommy then invites you into her bedroom where she can have alone time with you. Mommy always shares her bedroom when she makes you feel good. It's our private time together. Mommy strips you completely naked and begins working her magic on your hard penis. Mommy strokes and hold her titties close to your hard cock awaiting to milk you. Mommy is the best at milking your cock!!!! All of a sudden, you explode all over her huge tits!! You stay hard and now mommy knows what to do ...she knows that her lips and mouth will make another cummies come!!!! Her lips feel so good that you explode another time, this time all over mommy's face!!!! She tells you she loves you, licks all the rest of your cum off your penis for you and tells you to put your pants back on....mommy is going to make a yummy dinner for you now!!!! ENJOY