Daddy's Girl Gagged and Punished

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706 5.0
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This is my favorite of the vids I've purchased from Bae. They've all been enjoyable, but having seen this one, I'm starting to wonder if she's actually inside my head. She seems to know exactly what I want to hear. Based on the preview photo, I was skeptical that this video would deliver on the daddy fantasy (how can she call me daddy if she's gagged?)... but it absolutely does! The gag doesn't show up until the second half, and then it turned out to be my favorite part. The sounds she makes while gagged and "punishing" herself are exquisite.

If the description is even slightly interesting to you, then I wholeheartedly recommend this video.

I've been a very bad girl recently and I really need to make it up to daddy. I record myself talking about how bad I've been, accepting my punishment, and hoping to please you. I spank myself until my ass is red with a belt, moan from pain and pleasure, and edge myself. I'm not allowed to cum since I've been such a bad girl, so I try my hardest to alternate between pleasure and hard spanks with a belt. I do this all while being gagged. You can see how creamy I am from the vibrator, but I still hold myself back from fully cumming, knowing that you won't