Belly Worshiped by Petra Vaca

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American / Muncie, Indiana
1,500 5.0
8:39 min - Mar 25 - .MP4 - 489.75 MB - 1280x720 HD


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loverofcurves66 - Top reviewer Jun 11
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Great show of skinny versus ssbbw!!!

Filmed March 2017. Video length is 8 minutes, 39 seconds. Little, tiny Petra has never played with a belly as huge as mine! So I let her at it! She focuses all her attention on my soft, growing belly. Rubbing it, jiggling it, and picking up and dropping it. Smiling the whole time, she is so amazed at the size of my fat gut. We stand up and she picks my belly up and drops it. I hold her against me, so you can see our side profiles together, and she stands in front of me, so you can see how wide I am behind her. I'TS SO HOT! And she stands behind me, disappearing behind my massive body, you can't even see her!.. We compare thighs and bellies while she rubs my belly on the couch. And the hottest part of this video, is when Petra bends over, and I drop my belly on her ass, and she shakes her ass up and down(twerks), jiggling my belly even more
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